The AM Venture Case Study

Posted by in Case Study March 21, 2022


The AM Venture Is a web design company looking to expand over the internet. Providing web design services, a blog, and an eCommerce store.

Their mission is to design websites that are not only beautiful but are well put together. Utilizing current and popular UI and UX trends that appeal the best to a user.

The Challenge

The AM Venture needed an all-in-one content management system that could easily be customized as the company progressed in stages.

Particularly they wanted to do the following:

1. Provide a place for users to view and purchase their services

Web Design Services & Information

Web Design Services & Information

  • Portfolio
  • eCommerce store
  • Current Services Page
  • Contact Form

2. Increase organic traffic

Increase organic traffic

Provide a blog used to organically bring new users to to their site. As well as document their new findings.

The Process

WordPress a old but very much still used content management system was the choice made to bring this project to life.

The Art


JAF Domus

JAF Domus

This is a sans-serif typeface font chosen as a informal font but shows progression and openness.


Color Scheme

We selected a black, blue, and white color scheme to appeal to the feelings of sophistication, Trust, loyalty, and simplicity.


Font Awesome

We choose to go with Font Awesome for our choice of icons to use. They offer a large selections of icons that fit the needs of this project.



Photos hand picked to communicate visually to the user. Unsplash provides a large variety of high quality free to use images. We took the time to fond images that best brought out the purpose of each page of the site.


Email Subscribers & Newsletters – Simple and Effective Email Marketing WordPress Plugin

This is a simple and easy to implement plugin that lets you collect new subscribers and manage newsletters. This plugin was used to send news about new updates, blog posts, and new deals for the site.

WPForms Lite

This is a simple and free contact form that allows us to connect to our mailgun api and create a working contact form for our users.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

An easy to use table of contents block that allows you to display a working table of contents section for users to jump to sections of your site.


Very popular eCommerce plugin that we customized to create our own personal shop for users to purchase the products provided by The AM Venture.

Classic Widgets

This plugin enabled the old widgets feature from the past WordPress versions. We used this to add plugins to particular parts of our website. an example would be the newsletter subscription form in the footer and the contact from on the contact page.

The Result

The site is still in its beginning stage building a following and we are actively making changes to improve its performance. This was a fun experience that we hope to get more of!

> View the site here

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